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Face Wash with Papaya
Face Wash with Papaya
Face Wash with Papaya
Face Wash with Papaya

Face Wash with Papaya


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This face wash has been handcrafted with real Papaya Extracts providing you with essentially required Vitamin A acting an anti-oxidant for your face. The Papain contained in this face wash breaks down the inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells. Other natural ingredients provide you with deep cleansing and help mitigating blemishes and pigmentation making you look visibly toned, young and fairer.


Moisten face. Take small amount of face wash on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse well and pat dry.


Aqua, Cocoaminopropylbetain, Carbomer, Encapsulated Papaya Extract, Carrot extract, Salycilic acid, Soya protein extract, TrimethanolAmine, Glycerin,

Weight: 120 ml / 4.05 fl oz

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