Age Defying Day Cream with Organic Camel Milk
Age Defying Day Cream With Organic Camel Milk Free from all skin harming chemical componentsHandcrafted Luxury Formula With Essentially Natural and Organic Ingredients 50g/1.76 oz. net wt. Revolutionary Youth Preserving Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Benefits: This fast-action luxury formula contains Organic...
Skin Whitening Day Cream
Skin Whitening Day Cream Lightens, Moisturizes and Softens Skin 50g/1.76 oz net wt.BenefitsThis handcrafted luxury formula has been formulated with natural and organic ingredients including Dead Sea Minerals. This also contains vitamin B3 and Alpha Arbutin extracted naturally through Mulberries...
Exhilarating Hands and Nail Cream
Handcrafted Luxury Formula Exhilarating Hands and Nail Cream With Essentially Natural and Organic Ingredients 40g/1.01 oz net wt. Benefits: This ultra-revolutionary hands and nail cream has been handcrafted with the natural goodness of 100% organic Almond oil, which smoothens the...
Argan Oil Conditioner
Argan Oil Conditioner Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Its properties make it particularly beneficial for the hair making it the ideal...
Face Wash with Melon
This face wash contains natural Melon extracts, which hydrates and rejuvenates your kin after every wash. The high content of Vitamins A and C encourages skin regeneration and the formation of collagen to impart youthful glow to your face. Rich...
Zesty Milk & Honey Shampoo
Zesty Milk & Honey Shampoo: Soft & Nourishing Give your hair the nourishment it needs with the right mixture of milk, eggs, yoghurt, lemon and honey. Our secret concoction makes sure you get the benefits of these incredible ingredients in...
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