Hair Restoration and Growth Oil
Hair Restoration and Growth Oil
Hair Restoration and Growth Oil
Hair Restoration and Growth Oil

Hair Restoration and Growth Oil

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Because you are BEAUTIFUL

Free from all skin harming chemical components

Handcrafted Luxury Formula

Hair Restoration and Growth Oil

With Essentially Natural and Organic Ingredients

200ml6.76 oz net wt.


This oil has been handcrafted with nature’s most exclusive ingredients to make your hair strong, smooth and long. Infused with the power of Fenugreek seeds, this oil is your perfect beauty partner offering one solution to all major hair issues including growth, dandruff, shine, damage, frizz, dryness and tangles. This oil is power packed with a mix of Nigella seeds, Castor, Mustard and Coconut oils to give you silky, shiny and healthy hair you've always wanted. This hair oil is truly one of best way of providing your scalp and hair with the proteins and antioxidants required for a complete restoration. Give your dull and dry hair a new life of shine, radiance, luster and growth. Unlock your hair’s true potential within 30 minutes or with an overnight treatment.


Take small amount of oil in your palm and apply oil thoroughly to your hair and scalp. For hair growth, please ensure that you apply oil directly to the roots, and length of the hair.

Note: Due to the presence of virgin coconut oil in this formulation, it may solidify in winters and low temperatures. In such a case, heat the oil mildly before applying.

Ingredients: 100% natural and organic Fenugreek Oil, Nigella Seeds Oil, Castor Oil, Mustard oil, Coconut oil and Curry Leaf Extracts.