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Eternal Glow Toner
Eternal Glow Toner

Eternal Glow Toner


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Age defying

Eternal Glow Toner

With Essentially Natural and Organic Ingredients

A Natural Toner for Youthful Skin

120ml/4.05 fl oz net wt.

Benefits: This toner removes dirt and exfoliates skin. It has a pore minimizing feature as well. Regular use of the product increases collagen and antioxidants that keep your skin fair, radiant and youthful. The natural skin shiner made from our special recipe is rich in lemon that naturally lightens, and brightens your skin giving it a glow unlike any other.

Usage: Use product before using a moisturizer. Can be used before applying make-up as well as at night before applying any cream or such product.

Directions: Add a pea sized amount of liquid on a piece of cotton and use to cleanse the skin. Please shake well before us. Due to the presence of natural ingredients, some of the residue may settle at the bottom of the bottle. 

Ingredients: Lemon, Aloe Vera extract, Mulberry leaf extract, Iron, Witch hazel, rose petal extract, Vitamin C, Retinol extracted from grapefruits and a natural skin shiner.

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