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We’ve got you covered! Step outside the box and get your hands on our one of a kind natural and trendsetting bundles! What’s so special about this you ask, well we’ve made a special collaboration with Freshkon, an international coloured contact lenses brand.

Freshkon, like Bare Epitome believes that our products are more than just products, they are a way of life. But more than that it is about you; your confidence, your voice, the shade of your personality, what you choose to believe in and how your idea of perfection shapes your life – Because YOU Are Beautiful. Bringing our ideology and products together we become #BEFreshkon.

The Bronze Package
This bundle contains Eye Cream and One Pair of Freshkon Lenses Mesmerize with those eyes! Say goodbye to eye-bags, puffiness and dark circles and say hello to a new fantastic eye color!  
The Gold Package
This bundle contains: Ultimate Skin Soothing Protection Powder, Skin Hydration and Brightening Cream, Rose Water and One Pair of Freshkon Lenses (plus a bonus special Freshkon Lens Beauty Kit) Embrace your regality and dazzle them all perfectly moisturized, hydrated skin that is acne and spot free! Enjoy your favorite colored...
The Silver Package
This package contains: Ultimate Skin Soothing Protection Powder, Rose Water, Lip Scrub and One Pair of Freshkon Lenses Take their breath away with your smooth, spot free, hydrated skin, plump lips and dazzling colored eyes!

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